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Employees of the Month – December 2020

We value the opportunity to recognize those who have demonstrated bravery and poise when put under pressure in the workplace. Today, we recognize two of our Officers – Teshauna Lewis and Gustavo Soto – for exceptionalism at their respective job sites!



Officer Lewis works at the Wintrust Bank branch in Streeterville. In October, she was faced with an armed robbery at the bank. She took quick action and followed all protocols in securing a work room and instructing branch employees to remain there for their own safety. In addition to calming the nerves of present employees, Officer Lewis then took control of the situation upon verifying that the offender departed the branch. The branch managers appreciated her alertness, dedication and protection of their employees and we do, too.

Officer Soto works at the Wintrust branch at Mont Clare. When confronting an agitated individual on December 12th, he utilized his training and experience to de-escalate the situation. While the offender threatened employees and customers with harmful acts, Gustavo displayed excellent restraint and composure in isolating the individual. Additionally, branch guests and employees were able to retreat to safety due to his bravery. Officer Soto demonstrated assurance and professionalism throughout the incident until police arrived. The branch would like to recognize him for his confidence!

These two both exemplified what it means to work for Monterrey Security. Not only performing extremely well while under pressure, but providing exceptional security service while utilizing specialized training. Well done Teshauna and Gustavo – we are proud to have you as part of our team!

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