Monterrey Security employs the industry’s best-trained security professionals because of our commitment to not just meeting state requirements, but exceeding them.


All licensed security guards are required to submit to a fingerprint-driven background check, complete 20 hours of basic training and then an 8-hour refresher course each year.

In addition to those steps, Monterrey Security requires guards to:

  • Agree to a thorough criminal background check before hiring and at least every 18 months after
  • Complete a thorough orientation course
  • Annual customer service training
  • Venue-specific training each year
  • Annual sexual harassment training
  • Verify registration cards quarterly
  • Submit to random drug screening

Each year, our independent Compliance Committee meets to review each individual employee record to verify certifications, trainings, and other records.

Our guards go through extensive – and ongoing – classroom and field training that far surpasses most security companies. They also hold certifications in occupational safety and health, construction safety, hazardous materials handling, crowd control management and evacuation planning, among other specialty areas