Notre Dame
University of Notre Dame
South Bend, Indiana

For nearly a decade, Monterrey Security has been trusted to provide security and guest services at Notre Dame Stadium, as well as other campus facilities that are home to Fighting Irish basketball, hockey and special events.

Crowd Management

More than 100,000 people converge on Notre Dame Stadium on game day. It is our responsibility to maintain safe ingress and egress there, as well as at other special events that regularly draw thousands to campus.

Security Services

Through careful screening, bag checks and perimeter control, we ensure that safety remains a top priority at Notre Dame Stadium and other venues not only on the day of events, but even as the football stadium undergoes a $445M renovation and expansion.

Guest Experience

We appreciate the trust the University of Notre Dame has placed in us, as their first outside security company in more than 100 years of sporting events. Lifelong memories are shared there and we are proud to help carry on that legacy.

University of Notre Dame:

Contract Awarded

  • 2013

Number of Employees

  • 250 Security Officers
  • 500 Guest Services Staff

Services Provided

  • Crowd Management
  • Security Services
  • Guest Services
  • Executive Protection

Marquee Events

  • Notre Dame Fight Irish Football
  • Notre Dame Basketball
  • Notre Dame Hockey
  • Concerts & Special Events

University of Notre Dame and Monterrey Security

In 2012, The University of Notre Dame played the annual Shamrock Series Football Game at Soldier Field against the University of Miami. Not only did the Fighting Irish come away with a victory, the university and its management team came away with an understanding of how game-day security and facility management should be done. Monterrey Security made such an impression on Notre Dame that - after more than 100 years of the same security process - they approached Monterrey Security about bringing that same level of professionalism and expertise to South Bend as their first outside security firm.

Since beginning work in 2013, Monterrey has taken security and guest service to the next level al Notre Dame Stadium. Understanding that each football game is an important chapter in the story of this legendary team, Monterrey ensures that we have the staff on hand to handle any situation that may arise, including crowd management, bag checks and perimeter control.

However, we have built a relationship and trust with The University of Notre Dame that goes far beyond football. When Father Theodore Hesburgh - the University's longtime president - passed away eartier this year, it was Monterrey who was called upon to provide security services for the widely attended funeral. We were humbled by the trust placed in us by the University at such a time, and continue to appreciate and respect the work that we are able to do together.

We have provided security for the stadium even as it is surrounded by an ongoing $445 million renovation and expansion project - a unique challenge 7 days a week. but particularly on game day.