Lake County Government
Lake County Government
Lake County, Illinois

Contract Awarded

  • 2018

Number of Employees

  • 60

Services Provided

  • Entry Screening Services
  • Access Control
  • Facility Patrol

Functions Performed

  • Magnetometer Operation
  • X-Ray Machine Operation
  • Access Control
  • Overnight Facility Patrol
  • Red Team Penetration Testing
  • Mail Screening
  • County Board Meeting Coverage
  • Voting Services Security

Lake County Government and Monterrey Security

In 2018, Monterrey Security was awarded a multi-aspect security services contract by Lake County govemment. Monterrey proudly serves the Lake County Sheriffs Department, Lake County Health Department, Lake County Facility Services Department, and the Lake County Workforce Development Program.

At Lake County Court Facilities, Monterrey Security is responsible for providing Entry screening Services for all personnel entering six separate court buildings. Lake County's main Courthouse and Administrative Complex serves over 600,000 visitors annually.

Services provided from these facilities include criminal and civil court services, clerk offices, traffic court. family court, juvenile probation/detention, adult probation, and bond court.